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11) Poll Codey affordable housing
12) Blog Favorite TV anchor
1) Poll Blind man own gun
2) Poll Permitting prostitutes

And then there’s this:

Alternative ways to make money!

Rarely do we get into national politics, but do you think it was fair for the President to call out Governor Mitt Romney saying the Governor wouldn’t have gone after OBL….because now the GOP is blasting President Obama for politicizing Osama bin Laden's death.

A recent report says that Newark and Camden are among the 25 most peaceful areas in nation. Where do you go in the Garden State to find peace

Would you want the fact that you’re an organ donor plastered on Facebook…This is Zuckerberg's latest brainstorm. Do you feel this is a good idea?

Have you been denied medical insurance for something you clearly needed. A Transgender Woman from NJ won Health Insurance Coverage for Mammogram?

Are fish caught in the Delaware, or even in the Hudson good enough to eat? Would you ever eat anything caught out of our rivers and streams?

New Jersey has one of the lowest percentages of chain restaurants in the country. Do you feel this is a good thing?

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