Traditionally, New Jersey is a very transitory state. People come and go for "Jersey jobs." There have always been "For Sale" signs dotting the Garden State landscape.

Not to get political, but in the current economy, it seems that there are more "For Sale" signs than usual, and they are in front yards longer. Case in point!

I don't want to show the house, or give a location, but I pass this empty home on my "walks." It has been vacant for over a year.  The house is beginning to look rundown.  And, with the warm, (sometimes) wet weather, the yard has become a "wheat field."

The house is obviously vacant. Obviously for sale. But, you'll have to make an effort to get the information you need should you want to buy...

The home across the street is also for sale. That house is immaculate! So is the yard. Its been on the market for over a year, too!

Which will (possibly/probably) sell first?

And, is the unkempt property lowering resale values, and overall interest, throughout this neighborhood?

Just another one of those things that makes you go: "Hmmmmmmmm......."

Comment as you see fit!