Since we're all about kids' well-being today, I thought I would add this link to a blogger who is described as someone who "blogs about raising eco-friendly kids". The blog entry is titled "6 Foods That Kids Should Avoid" and it includes six foods that I not only enjoyed as a kid, but that all three of kids have enjoyed at some time in their childhood.

See if these six items don't sound like your kids daily intake:

1. Microwave popcorn
2. Processed meats
3. Canned tomatoes
4. Kids Yogurt
5. Sports drinks
6. Sugary cereal

Now I realize that this blog isn't aimed at me (I wouldn't have even seen this post if it weren't for since I have no desire to raise "eco-friendly kids", but does she really believe kids are going to give up sugary cereals any time soon? No hot dogs? No Gatorade? Please.