A man who refused to remove a spaghetti strainer from his head for his license picture was nearly arrested at the MVC office in South Brunswick.

(Flying Spaghetti Monster)

Aaron Williams of Little Egg Harbor says he is a Pastafarianism, a follower of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. He said the strainer is a religious head covering according to the Star Ledger.

Williams refused to remove to take the strainer off his head in order to get a picture taken for his license renewal. When employees told him the strainer was not on the MVC's list of approved religious headwear, reports the Star Ledger, Williams took out his cell phone camera and began taping employees which is a violation of MVC rules.

Police convinced him to take the strainer off and Williams deleted the video.

"Real, Totally Legit"

The Pastafarianism website says they are a legitimate religion founded by Bobb Henderson in 2005 that has "no strict rules and regulations, there are no rote rituals and prayers and other nonsense" and opposes the teaching of creationism in school. Among the church's beliefs: every Friday is a holiday, they embrace contradictions and are fond of beer.

Followers also celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day in September as a legal holiday in their religion.