No one likes having car trouble. What makes it worse is when you're a New Jersey resident and you get stuck in NYC. That's exactly what happened to Bill recently. Bill luckily captured the majority of this crazy story on his phone to recant to the audience.

Below are Bill's pictures and videos recapturing the entire night.


You get a great parking spot in NYC, you're having a great day, right? Well, it went all downhill from there.  The computer in Bill's car malfunctioned and he had to be towed.

After the car was loaded onto the flatbed, Bill was headed back to NJ, but that wasn't quite the end of the story.


Bill's tow truck driver had to pick up and drop off a second vehicle, so what does Bill do? Help the tow truck driver push the car into a spot upon arriving in Jersey City, of course!

Ok, now they finally get the car to the dealership, end of the night, right? Wrong! It's not the end of the evening when you drop the key in the dealership drop slot BEFORE the driver gets the car off of the flatbed.

So now that there is no key to put the car into neutral with, here's Bill pushing his car, up a hill, into a spot.

After all that Bill somehow made it back in later that morning for his show at 6 a.m.! What a trooper!

You can also listen to Bill tell the story of the entire crazy night, on his show, in the YouTube clip below.

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