The coach of the Florence High School varsity baseball team is taking a leave of absence from his position following hazing allegations.

Florence High School (WPVI TV)

Joseph Frappolli, in a letter read during Monday night's school board meeting,  believes that “the distractions caused by the current situation has led me to conclude it is in the best interest of the players that I should take a leave of absence" according to the Times of Trenton.

A district commission investigated allegations that four players held down one player who was bitten by other members of the team. Some of the bites broke the skin  During Monday night's meeting, Superintendent Donna Ambrosius confirmed that there was a second hazing incident of a "similar nature" a week prior to the initial incident according to the Times.

School district lawyer Carmen Saginario says it was part of a "hazing tradition." School officials have not given details on the rituals.

Frappolli, who has coached the Flashes baseball team for eight years, called the allegations "garbage" when the media descended upon the school when the story first broke at the beginning of April.

The parents of the sub-varsity player bitten in the original incident declined to press charges but may be reconsidering.

Frappolli will continue his position as a teacher at a Florence elementary school.