Jim was discussing this topic earlier this morning where in Flemington the police have new scanners that can obtain information about a driver just by the simple check of a license plate.


According to this article, during an average 12-hour-shift, the license plate reader can scan up to 2,500 plates.

When the device scans a problematic plate, it omits a siren sound, flashes red and a voice indicates the level of the problem. The screen alerts the officer to what the issue is. It also provides additional information that’s linked to the registration.

A police officer can also type in his or her own BOLO (be on the lookout) for a license plate if there is a car or suspect they have to be searching for.

The scanner also has the brain power to evaluate 1,600 plates an hour and the visual accuracy to read a plate at 120 mph — a useful tool for a police car when driving at 55-60mph and oncoming traffic is doing the same.

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