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Removed from life support- The 12-year old girl shot by a stray bullet while riding her scooter in north Jersey has been removed from life support. The family is saying it's final goodbyes to Genesis Rincon. They have also made the decision to donate the girl's organs. Genesis was the latest innocent to be hit by a stray bullet. Paterson police have not made any arrests.

Defending His Veto - Governor Christie is defending his decision to conditionally veto a bill that would reduce the legal number of ammunition rounds from 15 to 10. He says the measure "doesn't make sense to him" as a way to control violence.

Part Time Hoping for Full Time - The latest numbers show a spike of nearly 290,000 jobs nationwide in June. But take a closer look, and there's a less pleasant trend: an increasing number of part-time workers who'd love a full-time position.

Kim Komes to Seaside - More than 2,000 people jammed the boardwalk in Seaside Heights Monday night just to try and catch a glimpse of Kim Kardashian. Word spread quickly that she was in town to film a segment for a new show at the Spicy Cantina restaurant.

Still Vulnerable to a Hurricane
- We dodged a bullet with Hurricane Arthur but Governor Christie says while were in better shape than after Sandy we are still vulnerable.

Help for Homeowners - Governor Christie expects more grants to be given out soon to help homeowners raise their homes to guard against future flooding. The $30,000 grants are part of the hazard mitigation program, which has already paid out $12 million. Christie gave a far more muted response to questions about a possible presidential run. Asked if he still thinks he is a viable candidate, Chrisite replied, "Who knows...I don’t know."

Hillary in 2016 - Senate President Steve Sweeney thinks Christie is still a viable candidate but only because the rest of the GOP field is so weak. But the south Jersey Democrat doesn't think Christie will win. Sweeney is supporting Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Update Funding - It's time to revisit how New Jersey funds its education system according to the ranking Republican on the Assembly Budget Committee. Declan O'Scanlon (R)  says the current method isn't working.

Glassboro Patrolman Charles Williams and Anka (Glassboro Police)

Mourning in Glassboro - Glassboro is mourning the death of one of it's police dogs. Anka, a six year old German Shepherd, got spooked by the fireworks and escaped her kennel. She was found a short time later, hit by a car.

Dangerous Freight Warning? - Would you want to know when a massive amount of dangerous and unpredictable crude oil is being transported through New Jersey? With an executive order issued by the feds this year, state emergency officials get notified but it's up to each state to share that info with the public.

Aid for Illegal Kids - White house officials say they still plan to pursue the speed up of the return of migrant children who've been coming to the U.S. illegally and alone. But for now, the White House will ask Congress for more than $2 billion to address the border crisis, including money for immigration judges, detention facilities and legal aid.

Hope for AC - Even though Atlantic City's casinos are hitting a rough patch. Governor Christie isn't willing to give up on AC.

Help for Older Workers - Older unemployed Jerseyans are getting an opportunity for paid on-the-job training that could help them land a permanent position. The state labor department is ramping up its "work force 55-plus" program


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