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Partly sunny, hot and humid.Showers and strong thunderstorms in the afternoon. High: 88-92
Showers and strong thunderstorms . Humid. Low:68-74
TOMORROW: Rain into the afternoon. Windy. High: 77-83

Alan's Audio Blog:

Satellite image of Hurricane Arthur early Thursday morning (NHC)

A Brush with Arthur- Arthur has grown into a hurricane and is expected to batter parts of North Carolina and then pass far offshore of New Jersey late Friday afternoon.Rip currents will be a major threat Friday and Saturday along our shores.

Lightning Show - There are still several thousand customers in the dark across the state because of last night's storms. At one point late Wednesday night over 50,000 state-wide were without power. Also there were several fires around the area last night including one in Beachwood and another in Hightstown being blamed on lightning strikes.

Business Washed Away - July 4th can usually be counted as a day of automatic business and thousands of visitors for towns along the shore. But with the lousy weather in the forecast, most of those dollars could get washed away.

BBQ Safety - As you're prepping for that holiday BBQ keep a few things in mind to avoid cross-contamination and other possible foodborne illness.

Ivey Denies Cheating Allegations - World-famous poker player Phil Ivey says his disputed $9.6 million baccarat win at Atlantic City's Borgata casino was all skill, and wants a lawsuit in which the casino accuses him of cheating dismissed. A representative for Ivey says the motion was filed last night.

Ride in Limbo - State inspectors are still reviewing paperwork required for a theme park to open what it calls the world's tallest and fastest drop ride. A media preview of Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom At Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson was cancelled yesterday as the state has yet to grant the ride an operating permit

Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson (Six Flags)

Celebration of Suds - Summer has just gotten started, but already one Assemblyman is looking for ways to bolster New Jersey's fall tourism season. What do you think about the Garden State having an official "Beer Week?"

Drilling Ban- The next 5-year plan from the Federal Bureau Of Ocean and Energy Management could allow for oil drilling off the jersey shore. U.S. Senator Bob Menendez is against the idea. He claims the only ones that benefit from offshore drilling are the big oil companies

Back in Business - Airtrain service is resuming at Newark Liberty Airport in time for the July 4th holiday weekend. The 6.3-mile service started shuttling passengers between terminals at 4:30 this morning after two months of repairs. Workers had to replace parts of the running surface after holes developed. The Airtrain station that links New Jersey Transit and Amtrak lines also will be back in service.


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