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Threat bulletin issued by New Jersey State Police (Click image for a larger view) (Townsquare Media NJ)

Taunting The Bloods - As gang chatter continues to ramp up and threats against police grow more intense the mayor of Jersey City Is trying to downplay the risk to his officers. The police director agrees, almost seeming to taunt the gangs telling the Jersey Journal, "Anybody I've ever met who calls himself a blood is lucky he could tie his shoes, at a mental level."

The state police are taking the threats seriously alerting law enforcers everywhere of the potential dangers. The gangs are seeking retaliation for the killing of cop killer. Trenton lawmakers are closely watching developments...

Badge and Medal (Photo courtesy of City of Jersey City)

Meanwhile, officer Melvin Santiago, who was assasinated in a drug store parking lot, will be promoted to sargeant and given the department's highest honor. He will be awarded the Medal of Honor at this evening's wake. Funeral services are tomorrow.

5-Hour Break - Israel and Hamas are in a 5-hour humanitarian cease-fire on the 10th day of fighting. The pause in airstrikes will allow Palestinians to restock food, water and other necessities. Just hours before, the Israeli military says it stopped 13 Gaza militants from carrying out an attack by sneaking through a tunnel that goes from Gaza to Israel.

Plane Crash in Hillsborough - A homemade small plane crashed in Hillsboroug .just short of the runway at Central Jersey Regional Airport. The FAA says Victor Holmlund, the 73-year old pilot survived the crash when his plane flipped upside down and landed near some trees.

Final Bridgegate Hearing? - In what could be the final Bridgegate hearing convened by the committee probing the scandal, today the panel will grill the head of Governor Christie's authorities unit. Regina Egea is also Christie's choice to take over as his new Chief of Staff. You can watch the hearings live on our website.

Be Wary of Early Candidates -
Governor Christie says he will not decide on a presidential run until after November and suggests that anyone who has already announced they are running is someone to be wary of. Chrisite says that suggests ambition before wisdom and that's not a presidential quality.

Gov. Chris Christie is interviewed by CNBC Chief Washington Correspondent John Harwood during the Delivering Alpha Conference in New York (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

Christie on the Road- Over the next 6 weeks, Christie will be touring the country, visiting at least 12 different states, making speeches and mingling with republican movers and shakers but most New Jersey resident probably won't even notice he's gone.

Prank Punishment - An update on that senior class prank that went awry at Teaneck High School. Three former students will enter a pre-trial program that keeps their record clean if they stay out of trouble for six months. They were part of dozens of kids who trashed the school as part of their class prank. More students are expected to take similar pleas.

Robbery Scam - A scam targeting residents in central Jersey is spreading. A guy rings your doorbell and lures you outside to look at gutters, trees, or some other distraction while bandits loot the home for cash and jewelry. It's already happened in Hamilton, East Brunswick, Freehold, and West Windsor.

Cost of Cheating - Being unfaithful isn't cheap. A new survey finds the average affair costs hundreds of dollars per month.

Tuition Increase - It'll cost more for Rutgers students. A 2% increase for both tuition and room and board at all state campuses. It already costs $13,000 a year to attend Rutgers and $25,000 if you live on campus.

Restaurant Shuffle - Despite a number of restaurants closing recently in Asbury Park, city officials don't seem to be too concerned

Contractors Charged - It's a growing problem across the Garden State: home improvement contractors not doing the work they're supposed to. State officials have ordered 68 contractors to pay more than a million dollars in restitution and penalties for violating consumer protection laws.

Recommendation Rejection - With the Atlantic City rail line still struggling between Philly and AC a consultant is again recommending a new rail station be built in Pomona connecting to AC Airport. But New Jersey Transit is rejecting that report saying there just isn't any money for such an ambitious project.

Another Allegation - One of Jerry Sandusky's sons is talking about being molested by the convicted sex abuser. Matt Sandusky, one of Jerry Sandusky's six adopted children, tells the Oprah Winfrey Network that he enjoyed spending time with his family except for when it came time for bed, when he alleges that he was sexually abused by his father. Jerry Sandusky, a former Penn State assistant football coach, was convicted of molesting 10 other boys


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