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Passaic County Prosecutor Camelia M. Valdes announces charges in the shooting of a 12-year-old girl in Paterson (Ilya Hemlin, Townsquare Media NJ)

Hope for a Paterson Neighborhood - A 19-year old remains jailed this morning for the murder of a 12-year old north Jersey girl. Police say she was hit by a bullet from a handgun fired by 19-year old Jhymiere Moore. They think Moore was aiming for someone else when he pulled the trigger. There is so much sadness in this story; the murder of an innocent. The face a boy not much older than the victim was living the life of a street thug. There is a some relief in the community but hope this morning it will lead to more.


Reading Behind the Wheel - Did you see the photos of that New Jersey Transit bus driver who was caught reading while he was driving in bumper to bumper traffic this week? NJ Transit officials did. They won’t tell us what happened to the driver, or his name, but they say he has been punished. The driver has a book open and resting on the steering wheel as he drove down Route 80.



Texas Tragedy - Authorities say it appears "a domestic issue with a breakup in the family" led to a man in suburban Houston shooting his five children and two others. Four of the children and two adults were killed in the shooting in Spring, Texas. A 15-year-old daughter was able to call 911 and warn authorities that her father was on his way to kill her grandparents. The father surrendered following a three-hour standoff in a car. The teen girl is said to be "very critical." the man's wife is estranged and was out of state at the time.


Saggy Pants Ban Anniversary - This week marks a year since the "saggy pants ban" went into effect on Wildwood's boardwalk. Offenders are subject to a $25 fine but why has not one cent been collected?


Peeping Leonard - A Great Adventure entertainer has been fired and arrested this week for secretly taking video of female collegeues as they changed in a private trailer. This had been going on for months until someone finally figured out 25-year old Leonard Vasile had hidden a camera and computer in the girl's trailer.


Border Crisis - President Barack Obama says the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border "is not theater." He says it's "a problem." Obama has been pushing back at critics who've said his administration's response to the influx of the thousands of unaccompanied children has been slow and ineffective. Obama, who's on a two-day trip to Texas, discussed the crisis at the border privately with Gov. Rick Perry (R) Wednesday evening.


Christie Hits the Road - Governor Christie continues raising record amounts of money for the Republican Governor's Association. He has brought in over $60 million since becoming chairman of the organization and he's not done yet. At the same time, Christie is getting valuable time with key GOP donors ahead of a possible presidential run. Christie will visit Tennessee, Iowa, and New Hampshire this month.


Right About Pot- Governor Christie may have been right when he made some pretty harsh comments about states like Colorado that have legalized marijuana. A new government study shows pot demand in Colorado has exploded to 130-metric tons per year. And almost half of recreational use is from out-of-staters meaning pot has been a huge boost to tourism.


Too Much Screen Time? - Are your kids getting too much "screen time"? The recommended limit is two hours per day.


South Jersey Girl Dies - We still don't know what caused an accident in south Jersey that killed an 11-year old girl. The girl's mom was driving on Route 47 in Middle Township when her truck left the road and hit a pole. Her daughter were both ejected from the vehicle and was dead on the scene. The mom is being treated at the hospital.


A Step Closer to Improvement - NJ Transit needs to improve the awful conditions at the Port Authority bus terminal in New York City according to the top lawmaker in the upper house. The state Senate President has convinced NJ Transit to take commuters' complaints seriously.


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