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Officials stand near an idle Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority train, Monday, June 9, 2014, in the East Falls section of Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

SEPTA Back on Track -  The trains are running this morning to Philly. A SEPTA strike has ended as President Obama appointed an emergency board to mediate a contract dispute. Both sides are hopeful for a new contract. The last SEPTA strike in 1983 lasted more than three months.

Bizarre Rescue - Down the shore in Seaside Heights a bizarre water rescue. A man and his friend were in the water Saturday night when the rip currents took them. Two lifeguards were able to fight the current, get to the men and bring them back to shore.  Instead of saying thank you one of the just rescued swimmers attacked one of the lifeguards and punched him in the jaw. That's when police showed up and arrested the man. He was charged with assault and underage drinking.

The Challenge of Owning a Home - Home ownership is starting to lose its luster with a lot of Americans.The study of 1,335 adults also found 64 percent believe they are less likely to build wealth buying a home now, compared to 20 years ago. Nearly 43 percent said buying a home isn’t a good long term investment.

Insurgency in Iraq - The White House says President Barack Obama is being updated on the violent insurgency in Iraq. Obama told his national security team to come up with options for U.S. assistance to help combat the insurgency. He said he'll be reviewing a wide range of options, but he has ruled out the possibility of sending in American ground troops

Cory Booker (Spencer Platt, Getty Images)

Rules of the Road - Just as the trucking industry was lobbying hard to do away with regulations requiring rest for drivers New Jersey's U.S Senators are pushing for even tougher rules. It comes after that Wal-mart driver hit a limo carrying actor Tracy Morgan. The driver hadn't slept in 24-hours. Cory Booker (D) and Bob Menendez (D) will outline new regulations later this morning

Expensive Nights Out - New Jersey parents are paying some of the highest rates in the nation for babysitters. But, they're also finding creative ways to cut costs.

Snow Day Experiment Fails - A north Jersey school used technology to make up snow days from the brutal winter of 2013. Pascack Valley Regional High School students and staff logged into their computers for a virtual school day working on assignments, doing research even physical education. Parents loved the idea. Only one problem: it won’t count. State educations officials say only a day inside the school building will count toward the 180-required days in the school year.

Worth The Cost - Attending college costs a small fortune these days, but the overwhelming majority of Ne Jersey residents think it's worth it.

"You'll Get Over It" -Governor Christie (R) continues to mingle with wealthy GOP doner,.trying to get them into his corner if he should run for president. Speaking with them this weekend, he admitted some may be nervous about Bridgegate but told them, "You'll get over it. It will be fine."

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