This blew me away. Maybe I’ve been living under a rock too long.

But I’m not surprised that there has to be some kind of psychological kink at work that causes one who’d join any kind of emergency service; and intentionally cause a calamity.

Last night, I talked about the possibility of the 600 acre fire in the Pine Barrens being intentionally set.

Hard to believe when you consider that these sickos work side by side with folks ready to put their lives on the line to save lives and property.

And yet they’d be so unwilling to consider the collateral damage they'd cause.

And not only that, but to smear the great reputation and faith that we have in firefighters and emergency service workers in general.

While the ranks of volunteer fire fighting units around the state are pretty much depleted, it still makes sense to vigorously screen out any candidates that demonstrate this “kink”.

Ahhh, but where to find the time and the resources?

The last thing we need is a “thrill seeker” who’d sacrifice the lives of potential victims; and especially his brother firefighters just to get his or her “jollies”.

And while these fires are being investigated for possible arson, maybe it’s time for one of our nameless, faceless legislators to suggest upping the punishment for those members of fire companies who intentionally set these blazes. (After all, they always seem to propose legislation in knee-jerk's one to jump on!)

There’s no bigger crime in putting our trust in the hands of the untrustworthy.

Hence the Rossi Posse Poll:

Should we up the arson penalities for firefighters who’d intentionally set fires...and screen volunteers better?