The Gubernatorial election is more than seven months away, but it seems like every week since the beginning of the year, Governor Christie has been picking up another endorsement from an elected Democratic official, or a union that usually supports Democratic candidates.

Governor's Office/Tim Larsen

"This kind pattern is very unusual. We haven't seen this type of outpouring of support from the opposite party since Tom Kean ran for reelection back in 1985," says Patrick Murray, the Director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute."

He points out that most of these individuals represent small towns, so they don't control a lot of votes.

"This all has a psychological impact. It's to say that it's a done deal, Democrats are jumping ship, there's no point in rallying around Barbara Buono -that's kind of a psychological warfare that's going on with this particular set of endorsements. This has an impact of potential donors."

Murray adds, even though, Christie has a huge lead in the polls, he doesn't see anything that indicates the Governor is relaxing. He's continuing a strategy of getting out in front of the voters, talking about the Sandy recovery, and picking up these Democratic endorsements as he goes along.