Latest news shows a drop in travelers complaining about TSA. Good news as we approach one of the busiest travel weekends.

One reason that gets mentioned is a 'relaxing of certain standards'. For example, now children under 12 won't be required to remove their shoes. As a single father of a 6 and 4 year old who's traveled with them often, I appreciate this. Don't get me wrong. But it also drives me crazy because as soon as I hear a thing like this, I think, "Well why could it have been dangerous LAST year but not THIS year?" The inconsistency of rules is in my opinion what irks passengers the most. Not even year to year but TSA employee to TSA employee. One will allow a thing another will balk at, and we're talking the same day at the same airport for the same flight. Just give me the playbook and I'll learn it TSA. But changing it constantly can give one the idea that it really is being made up as it goes along and certainly not evenly enforced.