The New Jersey Public Interest Research Group (NJPIRG) is calling the Federal Government to stop subsidizing the producers of large commodity crops like soybeans and corn, who then turn them into junk food ingredients.

NJPIRG released their "Applies to Twinkies 2012" report Wednesday that shows billions of Federal Tax Dollars going toward the production of Junk food.

Program Associate Gideon Weissman says, "In our report, we found that $18.2 billion dollars go to taxpayer subsidies for junk food since 1995. In contrast, only $637 million dollars has gone to subsidies for apples."

Weissman says the subsidies given to large commodity producers is enough to buy 2.9 bill twinkies every year.

He says right now Congress is considering reauthorizing the Farm Bill. He encourages citizens to contact their representatives and ask them to end subsidies for junk food.

Weissman says the subsidies are completely out of whack given the health and obesity crises in the United States.

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