A Morristown man is clashing with his neighbors over homemade signs with often angry messages he has placed outside an abandoned home.

Latino protesters chanted outside an abandoned Speedwell Avenue home, according to Telemundo 47,  protesting large signs placed by Gregg Bruen blaming Latinos and others for high taxes, low property values — and with them, the dilapidated condition of the home. Bruen blames town policies he claims allow "rent stacking" by immigrants, News 12 reports.

Signs outside the home blame "300 new students from across the border" for the expansion of Morristown High School. Another claims the home was bought by "Columbian Cartel" years ago — an estimated 5,000 people from Montenegro, Columbia, have relocated to Morristown in recent decades.

Another describes the home in a large "for sale" sign, according to MorristownGreen.com:

4 Sale: 3 Family & Basement

At least 30 people can fit here,

Allowed by town (LOL Not)


Must move!  Not safe anymore.

I was just robbed 3 weeks ago.

I can’t sleep.

Bruen has also placed songs that reads "Vote 4 Trump."

“This is not about the individuals” in the neighborhood, Bruen told the news website. “It’s about my taxes going up. It’s about living next to a fire hazard."

Neighbors call the signs "insulting" and said he has a problem with the vacant house he should call the town .

The organization Wind of the Spirit, which describes itself as "an organization of faith for all immigrants and non-immigrants" was at the protest to "keep the peace," advocacy co-ordinator Jackie Zapata told New Jersey 101.5. She has not spoken to Bruen directly but says that he is upset "about different issues" and not being heard.

Zapata says her group worked to get some of the signs removed that specific groups removed.

Police successfully asked Bruen to remove the signs that were considered racist.