“Ask The Governor” is on tonight at 7. If I had to ask the Governor one question….it would be "would you rather be feared or loved?"

I was thinking about this because of the story I saw about Lillo Brancato, who played Calogero in “A Bronx Tale” who is being sued by one of his jailmates over a beating he gave him.

So I ask you just like I'd love to ask Chris from Mendham: Would you rather be feared or loved?

Also, in the wake of the crashes we’ve heard about…what’s the worst crash you’ve ever seen…and do you feel that people who post pictures of grisly accident scenes on the internet have a right to do so?

Despite what you think of the drug court program….24 people graduated from the Monmouth County drug court program. Do you feel it’s still a program that sets you up to fail….or do you agree with the Governor that it should be a sentencing option for judges who sentence non violent drug offenders?

Are you living in a home that’s in foreclosure…even though foreclosures dropped 80 per cent in 2011, there still are quite a few of you that in limbo as their mortgages go unpaid. What options are you exploring?

If you haven’t gotten enough of your Jon Corzine fix, one of the reasons you may have for not voting for Barak Obama, turns out that Corzine raised $500,000 for President Obama 2012 presidential run…but still doesn’t know what happened to 1.2 billion of MF Global’s customer’s funds.

And on top of that, he’s looking to leave the tony confines of Hoboken….asking 2.9 million for the penthouse he lives in…do you think he’ll ask Carla to leave her digs too, since he needs the scratch?

Just saying’!

Ever have it out with anyone at work….a Trenton Water Works brawl between a couple of employees leaves one man with a broken ankle. Is there someone at work who’s face you’d like to break? (No names please!)

There’s a bill that would offer a tax deduction if you were to donate an organ. Would this be enough to entice you to donate an organ?

Now you don’t have to worry about forgetting your license because a new bill released by a Senate committee would drop the fine for forgetting your license and registration….are they doing you a “solid” with this…and what’s the biggest fine you’ve ever gotten?

All that and more at 11!