Politically correct culture has killed a beautiful and long standing American tradition in Staten Island at PS 65 due to a new school district policy instituted last March, according the the New York Post.

The NY Dept. of Education has eliminated any "gender based" practices, including this dance. I think most of the nonsense taught or emphasized in public schools today is garbage and counter productive.

One of the few traditions in school worth holding onto, worth cherishing is a father/daughter dance. The bond between a father and his daughter has never been more critical in a society that is devaluing men's roles in work, education, society and most importantly family. Men, although not all, have made great strides in dedicating more of their time and emotion into parenting roles.

I know I have an extremely close bond with my daughter and much of it built when she was growing up as a little girl. Sometimes these events are the catalyst for creating stronger bonds between fathers and daughters as girls make their way into their teenage years and womanhood. To take this away in the name of political correctness and a sense of moral superiority to prove how "progressive" the school district can be, is disgusting.

The people running our educational institutions are cowardly, misguided posers looking to boost their own damaged egos. This is another sign of our society moving rapidly in the wrong direction to "virtue signal" to the world just how enlightened they are. They are anything but.

How about this? If you want to cancel this Friday night's dance, why not replace it with a pole dancing class for all the girls. Because without a strong relationship with their dads that's where many of them may end up in the future!

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