You don't go very long in between times of reading stories about anti-bullying. Even adults now are claiming that they are being bullied.  We've gotten ourselves so crazy with protecting people from bullying, that we don't even know what the parameters for bullying really are anymore. The following is a story that may put it all in perspective for all of us.

A 10 year old girl named Hope Holcomb with Cerebral Palsy was harassed and mocked by not only a 10 year old boy that lives next door, but also by the boy's father as well. It started with the girl being mocked on the school bus by the boy, but then it escalated from there.

The girl's grandmother shot a video of the boy getting off the school bus mocking the Holcomb's disabilities. It gets worse unfortunately, as you clearly see the father then mocking the girl by walking with a limp as well. You can watch the video of her below.

This is obviously exactly what we want to protect kids from when it comes to bullying. Do we need to redefine what bullying is? Have we gone overboard with our definitions of bullying? Leave your comments below.