I wrote about this a couple of weeks ago when Seattle police announced that they would have undercover officers dressed as San Francisco 49ers fan to catch rowdy behavior. Well, the reason they would have to do that has reared its ugly head again. In San Francisco, from the rivalry who brought you the Brian Stow beating, a Dodger fan was assaulted, this time with a knife, and this time he died.

According to CBS Bay Area, Jonathon Denver was dressed in Dodger gear and was walking after the Dodger/Giant game with his dad and brother when a verbal altercation broke out with a group of Giants' fans. The exact words used haven't been revealed, but I'm sure it was along the lines of, "Your teams sucks!" "No, your teams sucks!" I don't know what special level of self-esteem hell these fans live in that they have to derive so much of their self worth from the performance of men they'll never meet or why they are so threatened by someone wearing another team's colors, but it seems like these types of confrontations are getting more prevalent and more violent.

My experience as being the stranger in a strange land is pretty limited: 3 baseball games where I was rooting for the visiting team. At Wrigley field, I was pelted with popcorn and had beer dumped on me. At Yankee stadium last year, no one bothered me or my son, and he was wearing the visiting team's jersey. At Citi Field this year, not only did no one bother us, people were actively welcoming to us, asking us where we were from and how we liked their ballpark (we thought it was awesome). It's a shame then, that morons like the ones in San Francisco make us baseball fans look bad.