If you think McRibs, Whoppers, or KFC Double Downs are bad representations of our country's food habits, check out the descriptions of some of these food items being sold at familiar food chains around the world.



Courtesy of Main Street:

The Meat Monster - Found in Burger King in Japan:
Imagine your standard, all-American burger. Beef, cheese, lettuce, tomato... maybe some bacon for good measure. Then top it off with a grilled chicken breast!

The McZüri - Found in McDonalds in Switzerland
Made from 100% Swiss veal, topped off with mushrooms and caramelized onions. A bit more detail than say, a Big Mac?

The Paneer Tikka Sub - Found in Subway in India
Obviously, any restaurant, chain or not, attempting to do business in the booming economy of India, will have to take into consideration the fact that Hinduism is the dominant religion. That means, no consumption of beef or pork. It limits the options to an extent, but Subway got creative. The description of this sub is: roasted cottage cheese slices marinated with barbecue seasoning.

You can see some more examples over at Main Street. This just goes to show you, that even though we have been nicknamed "The Fast Food Nation," other nations like to indulge themselves as well!