We mentioned this right at the end of last night's show, but it bears closer scrutiny: we're waiting longer for our Big Macs and Chalupas. Every year a company called QSR measures the wait times at America's fast food restaurants and this year they found we had to wait longer at most restaurants' drive thrus.

In a CNBC analysis on Today.com, QSR editor Sam Oches is quoted as saying the wait times increased because of "more complex menu items." Really?

People haven't mastered McDonalds' menu yet? Premium wraps and salads are two of the items cited. Mickey D's is one of the restaurants showing an increase in drive-thru wait times, up to 189 seconds (doesn't it seem a lot longer?). Burger King was the only one of the six benchmark fast food restaurants to have cut the wait time. The report also cites busier drive thrus for the increase, with the average number of cars in the drive thru being up "9 percent or 2.82 cars" (doesn't seem like there are always more cars than that ahead of you?) Finally, accuracy has gone up to 87 percent, so even if you're waiting longer, there's a better chance you'll get what you ordered.