Authorities this year have promised to crash down on the unruly behavior sometimes associated with The Far Hills Race — the steeplechase race that draws tens of thousands to Moorland Farm in Far Hills as much for tailgating as for the race itself. reports that while there were plenty of "intoxicated young adults walking unsteadily around the grounds ... from all indications the drunken infield shenanigans that have tainted the event in recent years were held to a minimum."

It remains to be seen if the numbers bear that out — for each of the past several years, dozens of people have been arrested on charges of public urination, disorderly conduct and other trouble-making activity. In 2013, three people were arrested for underage drinking were hospitalized.

We'll be checking back with authorities for a more complete account as to how this year's effort to keep the tailgating on the up-and-up went. But in the meantime, here's some of our favorite pictures from the crowd: