Amidst the streets of Downtown Fanwood the Jersey Prize Team found themselves spoiled by tons of great vendors and the friendly residents of the small town.  Fair goers were treated with lunch, desert, accessories, and of course loads of great music, games, and prizes, coming from the Big Yellow Van sitting at the top of South Avenue.

Somehow all the Fanwood characters attending the fair found themselves standing in front of our tent shouting answers to trivia, arm wrestling our D.J, and struggling to shimmy out of hula-hoops for prizes.  

The amusement lasted all day and soon the battle to win a free day at Monmouth Park had horse gambling fanatics dueling out trivia dressed in jockey jackets that were a little to snug on most and had them sweating their chances in the 90 degree weather.  The fun continued up to the last prizes of the day which consisted of passes to Six Flags Great Adventure and tickets to the Broadway play "Ghost".  The Jersey Prize Team was embraced by a charming small town with a big heart.

Check outphotos and video from The Fanwood Street Fair below!




Cabrini College student Amanda Cundari contributed to this article