There have been shocking deaths on sitcoms in the past but what unfolded on the latest episode of the hit Fox series 'Family Guy' sent shock waves through its fan base.


One of the most beloved characters on the hit series the 'Family Guy' Brian the family dog was killed off the show last night. The episode entitled 'Life of Brian' had the grim reaper come for one of the Griffin family members, and sadly, it was Brian.

The family pet who was taken in by the Griffin family, met his untimely death after being hit by a car and the youngest Griffin, Stewie, was unable to rescue him after destroying their time machine.

Do you think this is really it for Brian? Is he really gone? Or do you think they will bring him back in a future episode somehow? Which tv character being killed off was the saddest for you? You can watch the sad goodbye the Griffins had with their beloved Brian in the video below.