Throughout the NJ1015 Family Adoption process, the personalities are reading families on the air and what those families have requested as donations. All families are listed under a generic letter to protect their identity. If you missed some of the information on a particular family that you wish to adopt or donate to, the information is below in numerical order. If you need further information on any of the families, you can call the NJ1015 Family Adoption hotline 609-359-5353.


Below is a list of 'H' families:


Wishes of 3 to 5 year olds for the holidays: H-1

Multi-cultural dolls, toys that feature Disney characters, Sesame street, Nickelodeon items, Puzzles, wood blocks, Arts and Crafts like Crayola supplies, Dr Seuss or age appropriate books, Hotwheels cars and trucks, hats and Mittens and or Age Appropriate DVD’s.


Wishes of 6 to 8 year olds for the holidays: H-2

Multi-cultural dolls, Disney dolls, Littlest pet shop toys, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toys, Zoomer Dino, Pixar or animated DVD’s, bathrobes and pajama sets, jewelry, age appropriate books, board games, Legos, Toy house sets and sports gear.


Wishes of 9 to 12 year olds for the holidays: H-3

Age appropriate movies, skateboards and/or scooters with helmets, age appropriate books, age appropriate dolls, Hair accessories, costume jewelry, art supplies and crafts, zip-up hoodies, sports merchandise, iTunes gift cards, board games and/or card games.


Wishes of 13 to 17 year olds for the holidays: H-4

DVD Movies for teens, hair and beauty products, DVD TV Series such as Modern Family, The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones, Beats headphones or ear buds, iTunes gift cards, iPod docking stations, portable speakers, bathrobes or pajama sets, digital camera and accessories, costume jewelry, sports gear and/or teen books.


Wishes of infants & toddlers for the holidays: H-5

Pajamas, Socks, Winter jackets, Blankets, Age Appropriate Toys, Bottles, Snow Suits, hats and Mittens, Infant Rockers and or Bouncers, teething Rings and or Age Appropriate DVD’s.


**ALSO: All donations are welcomed for families including, candles, kitchen appliances, dish sets, books, beauty products, hats and gloves, gift cards, bed sheets, wrapping paper and bows.

How you can help:


15 New Jersey Access Self Storage Drop-Off Locations

Bernardsville                        3 Old Country Rd                                         908-953-0660

Clark                                     360 Central Ave                                         732-680-1010

Cookstown                            66 Wrightstown-Cookstown Rd                 609-758-3222

Franklin Lakes                      574 Commerce St                                       201-337-0099

Haledon                                217 Belmont Ave                                        973-790-0340

Haledon                                400 W. Broadway                                       973-904-0490

Kenilworth                            750 Kenilworth Blvd                                   908-259-1020

Little Ferry                            50 Bergen Turnpike                                   201-641-4415

Manalapan                           100 Madison Ave                                        732-792-8200

Manville                                55 Beekman St                                           908-725-8476

North Brunswick*                   534 Milltown Rd                                         732-745-0005

Norwood                               500 Livingston St                                         201-768-8868

Oakland                                 21 Raritan Rd                                              201-337-8646

Wayne                                   575 Highway 23                                          973-628-7766

Woodbridge                         135 Amboy Ave                                           732-750-1440


5 New Jersey Mall Drop-Off Locations

11/28 Friday           Shoppes @ Union Hill                Denville                        11am-2pm

11/29 Saturday      Shoppes @ Old Bridge              Old Bridge                    11am-2pm

12/5 Friday              Quaker Bridge Mall                   Lawrenceville                1pm-4pm

12/6 Saturday          Monmouth Mall                          Eatontown                 12pm-3pm

12/7 Sunday             Bridgewater Commons Mall    Bridgewater                 1pm-4pm


You can always get more information by calling the NJ1015 Family Adoption hotline 609-359-5353.