Today is the day we remember the horrific events of 9/11. There are so many questions to that get asked every year as we remember that day.Where were you when you first heard the news that the towers had fallen? Who did you call? What were you thinking? Did you lose anyone? How have you dealt with it? How would you deal with it if you were there? How would you deal with knowing you’re going to die?  Would you have the presence of mind to do your job while this kind of chaos is going on around you?

There was a story printed in the Sept 2003 issue of Esquire that deals with a jumper who so accepted his fate that there is a picture of him falling head first, with his hands at his side. It’s one of the most moving shots I’ve ever seen and the story of the man who took the picture is also incredible.

Below is quick clip about the Falling Man and the importance of his memory.

What is your most vivid memory of 9/11?