If you log onto Facebook today and click on your profile, you will likely have an option to click on your "Year In Review." Facebook has taken it upon themselves to put together a compilation of your coolest moments of 2012.

My assumption is that Facebook used an algorithm to find any status updates, photos, videos etc. that received the most reaction from your friends in the past twelve months. They also include any "big moments" like graduating from high school or college, starting or leaving a job and moving into a new house.

I took it upon myself to see what showed up in my "Year in Review" and a lot of fun moments from the Deminski & Doyle Show and New Jersey 101.5 popped up.

Here's what I got:

  • My picture with the Governor when he came to New Jersey 101.5 to do his monthly Ask The Governor program the night Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey.
  • The road trip I took in August across the midwest that Deminski & Doyle asked YOU to help plan for me. I ended up taking a lot of listener and reader suggestions.
  • Team 101.5 getting their heads shaved to help raise money for cancer research.
  • Not even a month after starting to work with Deminski & Doyle, Jeff and Bill decided it would be best to initiate me by having me drink a gallon of milk in an hour.

Facebook got it right. All of those were definitely highlights of my last year. If you tried it, what did Facebook think was worthy of being in your "Year in Review?" Was it accurate? Share your 2012 highlights in the comment section below.

And on behalf of everyone who contributes to the afternoon show, thank you for making 2012 a great one