You asked for a "dislike" button, and Facebook gave you six other "Reactions." But there are so many things New Jersey residents were ready to dislike!

Under a feature in testing, Emoji-style buttons for "Love," "Haha," "Yay," "Wow," "Sad," and "Angry" would accompany the classic "like" option. For now, you can only use these new features if you live in Ireland or Spain.

Since many Facebook users are still hopeful that the social media platform will provide a simple "thumbs down" channel for expressing dissatisfaction, we thought we'd jog your memory on some ways "dislike" could be useful.

A few weeks ago we asked what about New Jersey would make you hit a "dislike" button on our home state. Check out just a few of the answers below:

  • Steven L. Chait: 1. Taxes, 2. Taxes, 3. Taxes, 4. Taxes, 5. Taxes
  • Margaret Shea Machos: I’d thumbs down insanely high property taxes, jug handles, too many moronic and rude drivers, making people pay for using the beaches, when they over charge for anything connected to being at the beach.
  • Janet Moskowitz: Drivers, hello — if you cut me off on Route 9 and the speed limit is 55 mph do not go 20 mph.
  • Jessica Cinds: Major DISLIKE having to pay for our own beaches that we use only 3 months out of the year!
  • Donald Peter: Thumbs down to New Yorkers that say how great and how much better they are but then move to Jersey. Thumbs down to the Democrat party that still say’s “Jersey doesn’t have a spending problem, Jersey has a revenue problem.” Assembly Democrat President Vincent Prieto and the people that vote for Democrats.
  • Ria Jairam: Gun laws, high taxes, traffic. Might as well just say “Democratic legislators” and call it a deal
  • Brianna Marie DiBella: Property taxes, tolls, cost of car insurance, cost of medical insurance, unions (we use them too much and use materials that constantly need attention, i.e. the roads. Concrete would last much longer without maintenance than asphalt does. So the Parkway may not need to be constantly under construction and we can have funding back to the department of transportation).
  • Dave Joanne DiLauri: Very corrupt politicians … property taxes, our schools, our colleges (tuition’s outrageous) … paying still to use the GSP, paying to get on a beach.

Did Facebook over-complicate things? And what else would you 'dislike' about NJ? Let us know in the comments section, or by tweeting @nj1015.

Kira Buxton is producer of The Jim Gearhart Show and a professional photographer-videographer. You can reach her by emailing