Thanks to ever-changing technology and the way people interact with each other today, what would you say if your son or daughter came home from their first day of school with a curriculum outline that mentioned their teacher would be using social networking to teach their children literature, history or math?

A school in Amsterdam is utilizing Facebook's timeline feature to teach history. According to Mashable,

History classes have created a new approach to studying major historical events. Amsterdam-based school, 43 Gymnasium, has taken advantage of the popularity of Facebook and the user-friendly Timeline feature to inspire a curriculum. The page allows students to create posts, link various media and generate dialogue with fellow classmates.

Is this acceptable to you? If American school's decided to adopt this approach, would you feel as if your tax money is simply being used for your children to sit in front of a computer screen? It may seem like a bad idea in the beginning, but as someone who is always open to new uses for technology, I would welcome this idea.

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