Spoiler alert: your taxes are too high. Now here's your cheat sheet for who could help change that.

Toni Angelini, Senior Media Manager of the National Federation of Independent Business, called to discuss New Jersey's stifling economic environment and how NFIB works to promote small business in the state.

"It wasn't just last year that we were top in the country. The past four out of five years we have seen more people leave the state than come in, and most of them are retirees," said Angelini about how our taxes are making it hard for anyone to live here.

According to Angelini, NFIB has a policy in place to judge incumbents and political newcomers so that voters know who has their best interest in mind.

"Our endorsements are based very specifically on what impacts the small business community," said Angelini.

Before you hit the voting booth today, check out the latest list of candidates who have NFIB's seal of approval.

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