Gov. Chris Christie, during his appearances on "Ask the Governor," has repeatedly said he was unsure of whether or not he would be seeking a spot on the GOP ballot in the 2016 presidential election. 

He continued to maintain that position through his most recent appearance last week, as plans were being made for him to announce his candidacy during av event Tuesday at Livingston High School.

Speculation about him declaring his candidacy began during the 2012 presidential election but the governor ultimately passed on a run, admitting he was not ready, and strongly endorsing Republican nominee Mitt Romney. After he received accolades for his handling of Superstorm Sandy, the rumor mill started up again with the topic coming up often during his appearances on "Ask the Governor."



  • Christie's "Brand of Republican"

    Fresh off the accolades he received for his handling of Superstorm Sandy, a listener asked if his “brand” can help to create a new GOP in the coming years.“A party is never as good as it looks after an election, and its never as bad as it looks after it loses one,” said Christie. “But we’ve lost 2 national elections in a row as a party, and so obviously, we’ve got to do some things differently.”

  • War of Words with Sen. Rand Paul

    In August 2013, as Superstorm Sandy funds were held up by Congress, Gov. Christie did not hold back in his criticism. Sen. Rand Paul (R) backed off a bit and said he wanted to "patch things up" over a beer. Christie said he "didn't have time" and had work to do in NJ but would look him up in he found himself in Washington.

  • Christie Blasts Obamacare

    Coming off his landslide win in the November, 2013 gubernatorial election, Gov. Christie called the Affordable Healthcare Act "an awful law that made no sense." He said the problems at the time with the program's rollout are why he didn't get New Jersey involved in a state exchange.

  • Christie not thinking about a White House run

    The Bridgegate story seemed to derail any plans Christie had to run for governor in 2016 as his poll numbers dropped as the story unfolded. But Christie said that regardless he was not ready to make a decision. “I’m certainly am not at this point going to make any decision on it,’ said Christie. “There’s certainly nothing that’s happened in the last number of months that would make me think any differently about my ability to be able to pursue that job or to perform in it, but I haven’t made any conclusions on that and certainly I’m not going to make any conclusions until I absolutely have to.”

  • Christie calls possible Bush run 'stressful'

    Far from ready to declare his own intentions for the 2016 presidential campaign, Gov. Christie said reports Jeb Bush was considering a run "stressful" because he is friendly with the former Texas governor. "He’s been a wonderful friend to me, especially during Sandy and the aftermath…You like to run against people that you don’t like, not run against people that you do like and respect.”

  • The impact of a Christie campaign on his family

    Gov. Christie, when asked if he would run for President in 2016, said he had discussed a possible campaign with his family over the holidays. "What they think matters deeply to me.And just as important, the potential impact on each and every one of them weigh enormously on me."

  • Sagging numbers won't change his approach

    Christie's poll numbers dropped to their lowest point in 5-and-a-half years didn't phase him in considering a run for the White House. “I don’t care and I can’t care. I am who I am,” Christie said during the April Edition of Townsquare Media’s Ask The Governor. “There’s been a relentless negative coverage from the media, so if you have relentless negative coverage, that’s going to affect your poll numbers.”

  • Christie 'traveling, not campaigning'

    Gov. Christie says his frequent trips to political hotspots such as New Hampshire and Iowa aren't campaign trips. “Let’s call it traveling,” Christie said, calling it a "difficult deliberation" as to whether or not he should run.

  • 'There has been no final decision made by me' on 2016 election

    Hours before the show, word had leaked that Christie would hold an event at Livingston High School, his alma mater, to announce his campaign in the 2016 presidential campaign. But he would not confirm what was going to be announced. “When I decide, I’ll let everybody know, ” said Christie, adding that he needed to finish work on the state budget. “Let’s get through tonight and work on the budget, and then I’ll make a decision. There’s been absolutely no final decision made by me."

  • 'I'm ready to fight for the people of the United States'

    At an event in the gym of Livingston High School, Christie (Class of 1980) announced his run for president to hundreds of supporters that America “needs to work together again, not against each other.”