You, New Jersey 101.5 listeners, often ask me what I do when I'm not at the radio station.  Well, lots of things!

In my spare time, sometimes I'm writing scripts.  Or short stories.  Or developing an oldies format.  Cataloging my aircheck collection. Wait...thats more radio stuff!  Um...I go for long walks.  Anyway, sometimes, I'm even picking up odd logs.

On a nice winter day, its honest work (I was an elementary school janitor as my summer job in college...thats REAL honest, hard work).  Its a great workout, and you can easily see the progress that you are making when splitting firewood.  Thats very gratifying!  Afterwards, you have to haul off, and stack the wood.  Oh yeah... and log splitting is a good (and for the most part, safe) outlet for relieving destructive tendencies...

And, did I mention that the biggest payoff of all is a warm, cozy fire on a cold December night? 

Just remember to douse the fireplace fire before turning in, Christmas Eve.  You wouldn't want a flame-toasted Santa to leave coal in your stocking!

(* "Log" from "Blammo." Ren & Stimpy)