There are many programs that promote safe driving among teens, but none quite like the Every 15 Minutes program that provides an extremely realistic view of what can happen from drunk driving. Their goal to create awareness that every 15 minutes someone dies as the result of an alcohol related collision.     The morning show's own Bob Williams, was participating in this program today with his son, as Bob was asked to write an obituary for his son, as they will be participating in a mock funeral.

Every 15 minutes plan an entire production schedule from staging a party, all the way to having participants attend the funeral as the result of a drunk driving accident.

The program's goal is to show the students that while they think they are invincible, the teens/young adults really aren't and the powerful experience is meant to prevent a tragedy before one of these teens become a statistic. According to Every 15 Minutes' website they provide 'a realistic experience without the real world risks."

Locally, Roxbury high school participated in a recent Every 15 Minutes program, you can view the videos by clicking HERE.

Below is video footage from another high school program, please be advised, due to the realistic nature of the program, the footage is extremely graphic.