The wife of accused Etan Patz killer Perdo Hernandez has told relatives she is done with their marriage.

Rosemary Hernandez  is said to be "devastated" and "shell shocked" by the murder charges against Pedro for the murder of Patz in 1979 reports the New York Post.

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Emeterio Hernandez, Pedro's brother, says Rosemary "cares about him" but knew nothing of what happened 33 years ago. Their marriage “has been over since she found this out’’when police took him from their Maple Shade home last week for questioning in the case.


Pedro, 51, and Emeterio, 60, are two of 12 siblings, and Emeterio’s wife, Gloria, is sisters with Pedro’s second, current wife, Rosemary. “They met at our wedding,” Emeterio said.

Emeterio says he will step up and become a "father figure" for Pedro's college age daugher Becky.

“She wants to be a teacher, I’ll help her with school. I’ll walk her down the aisle,” he said.

Emeterio said he hasn’t spoken to his brother in years but knew he had mental problems. But “if he is guilty, he should be held responsible,” he said.


Meanwhile, details about the murder are leaking out. The Post reports that Pedro put Etan's body in the bodga's basement walk-in refrigerator before putting it out with the garbage.

Detectives are examining blueprints of the bodega's building to confirm that Hernandez’s descriptions of the basement space where the walk-in was located matches architectural drawings from that time to make sure he’s telling the truth.They also are reviewing Sanitation Department records to try to confirm other details of his confession and to determine whether it would make sense to search for Etan’s remains in a landfill.Pedro's sister Milagros Hernandez, 45, of Camden, told the New York Daily News that he told a church group years ago that he killed a boy but offered no details at the time. The family, she says, did nothing with the confession.  Milagros also offered an apology to the family of Etan Patz. “We are deeply sorry to the family if our brother had anything to do with this, and we are praying for them — that somehow they can find peace,” she said.