It is the battle of the Dennis and Judi cuties! Each week we will feature two Dennis and Judi cuties and you will determine the winner! This week features Estela from Long Branch versus Gina from Avenel. Vote for who you want to be the Dennis and Judi cutie of the week!First is Estela from Long Branch:

I've worked as a nanny and personal assistant for the last six years but I'm ready to move on to something new. Currently evaluating my skills/likes/career/education. I speak Portuguese so maybe I'll pursue something with internatinal business???

For fun I like to read Paulo Coelho and explore new places with my husband and my westie, Chico.

Here is Gina from Avenel:

Gina is 28 yrs old and is an insurance agent, while being a devoted and caring mother of a 2 yr old boy. She is also a freelance esthetician that volunteers at a battered women's shelter.

Here are the previous Dennis & Judi Cutie  Weekly Winners:


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