Eric Scott was filling in for Jim once again this morning and had a special guest in studio with him during the 8a.m. hour, State Senate President Steve Sweeney.

Eric Scott kicks off the segment off by saying, "To hear talk of it, you were the one standing in the way of New Jerseyans getting a tax cut." "

You know Eric," Sweeney Says, "That's not true." Sweeney defends his proposed tax cut. The two talk about the budget, discussing tax cuts and revenue projections.

Near the middle of the segment, Eric asks Sweeney about this love-hate relationship with Governor Chris Christie. Sweeney says, "I think people will say that personally, we get along very well. We don't agree ideologically on the things that he believes in [...] he protects millionaires, I'm for the midddle class, we disagree on a lot of things and we fight for those."

You can listen to the first segment here:

In the second half of the segment, Eric and Sweeney took calls from NJ1015 listeners.


First caller Paul brings up job creation in NJ. Sweeney discusses the state's high unemployment rates.


A few moments later, Tracy calls in to pose a question about real estate tax reform in NJ, regarding assessments.


Sweeney explains the reasoning behind the frequent assessments and "sticker shock."


Next caller Michael from Toms River criticizes political parties for bantering.


Listen to the second segment: