I had the distinct pleasure today to interview Rutgers football standout Eric LeGrand.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment

Eric LeGrand has conquered many things since he suffered a severe spinal injury in 2010. The latest obstacle that LeGrand has added to growing list of accomplishments is finishing college.

When asked about his post-graduate plans, LeGrand says that his plan is "to continue grow my foundation Team LeGrand of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. That's to find a cure for paralysis and also raise money to help people's quality of life who are going through this injury."

LeGrand is just getting started though, as just raising money for Team LeGrand is just part of the master plan. LeGrand elaborated on what his future holds saying that he wants to "find a career in sports broadcasting, this is what I want to do. This is me. Not only football, I can talk sports all day."

When asked about the uphill battle of going back to school after his injury and what it felt like to finally be done with school, LeGrand says "I'm going to walk in May but to just be done with school, its been a grind since I started back up in 2011. Pushing through it after therapy, rushing home, eating real fast and then having to go back to class. My mom bringing me to tutors and taking me to class. But to not having to do that anymore it's going to be great, it feels tremendous."

When discussing paralysis awareness and having the platform that he has, LeGrand says " It's not only for me. Anyone with the platform that I have would do the same thing and I owe it to all of the people in wheelchairs that don't have the same platform and its not only for me its for everyone out there to find this cure for paralysis. Hopefully we can look at it one day like a torn ACL." LeGrand even believes that a cure for paralysis is a possibility "within the next 5 years."

When asked about his choice for a Super Bowl winner, LeGrand was not shy about showing his affinity for his favorite team, the Denver Broncos. LeGrand said the key for Denver to win Super Bowl 48 is to "stop Marshawn Lynch." He went on to talk about how Peyton Manning and the offense will have to "take those 1-on-1 challenges."

LeGrand said on a local level, he knows a lot of the players from the Giants and Jets including the Giants Justin Tuck and Giants coach Tom Coughlin came to see him when he was first injured. Both teams have always supported him and whatever he needed and as long as they aren't playing his Broncos, he would always root for them.

LeGrand also said that to see his team in the biggest game of the year, being played in New Jersey, in the stadium where he got hurt is "meant to be," and "a dream come true."

You can listen to the entire interview in the audio player below.

To learn more  about Team LeGrand, part of the Reeve Foundation and to donate, visit http://www.teamlegrand.org/site/c.elKZIeOPIhJ8H/b.8627009/k.BE9B/Home.htm