Don't believe one word that comes out of the mouths of Trenton Democrats or Republican Governor Chris Christie. That was the gist of two competing e-mails from opposite sides of the aisle.

An e-mail sent today by the Christie Administration, titled "You Need A Trenton-To-English Dictionary To Understand Democrats," contained a two-minute clip of Governor Christie in Mount Laurel on Thursday at his 96th town hall. In the clip, Christie used a sarcastic tone to bash Democrats in the state legislature for "delays and inaction" on his proposed tax cut plan.

Christie told the crowd, "(Democrats) say to us, 'We don't have enough money to give you a tax cut.' What that means in the Trenton-to-English dictionary is, 'We'd rather spend your money.'"

Governor's Office

Democrats said they will not enact a tax cut unless the state brings in enough money to help cover the move.

Christie also offered his style of translation for the terms "government spending" and "raising taxes."

His "Trenton-to-English Dictionary" bit has been featured at numerous town halls since the tax cut battle began.

On the day of the Mount Laurel event, Senate Democrats released their own "survival guide" e-mail, featuring a "Christie-to-English Dictionary." Their message came in the form of cartoon speech bubbles, citing quotes from the Governor at past town hall events and telling the public what he is really trying to say.

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NJ Senate Democrats


NJ Senate Democrats