You never know where the next viral star will be discovered. This time it happened when a New Jersey EMT was driving an ambulance. Check out EMT Eric Williams moving and grooving to the Rihanna remix of “Pour It On.” 

The video has received over 1 million YouTube hits since it was posted on May 6th, and has since gotten Williams in trouble. Williams said the private ambulance company he drives for reprimanded him. I think the employer should lighten up. If Williams was driving home when the video was recorded, like he claims, what’s the problem? As long as he answers the bell or siren during an emergency, let him enjoy a job that can very easily take it’s toll on people. I’d even consider having him wear a company tee shirt for his next one.

Rihanna was a fan of the video, and tweeted out a link to her 35 million followers, saying: "This Paramedic guy just reminded me why God sent me here! I can't stop now! Not now, not nevah!!!!"

Do you think Williams should be reprimanded?