The owners of New York’s Empire State Building are suing a photographer who posed a busty model for X rated snapshots at the top of the building

Empire State Building ( Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

The unauthorized “objectionable and inappropriate topless” photo shoot at the observation deck on Aug. 9, 2013 was part of commercial photographer Allen Henson’s “self-style ‘boobs around town project,’ according to a $1.1 million suit filed by the ESB owners Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court.  The suit says that Henson, an Iraq war vet turned fashion photographer, engaged in “forbidden behavior” by snapping shots of the buxom brunette stunner throwing her hair back next to seemingly oblivious tourists peering through viewfinders.

Court papers say “the model removed her top and modeled for topless photos which were taken by Henson for commercial purposes.”

The suit also seeks to bar Henson from the building.

In another stunt for his boobs project, Henson cast shirtless model Cheyenne Lutek and a hunky male companion out in a rowboat on Central Park’s reservoir. He reported that the duo were pursued by police.

Lutek and Henson were also booted from the hip East Village eatery Verso last summer after the catwalker suddenly disrobed at the bar.

It seems that Henson's photography for his book is causing a lot of drama. Maybe there should be a documentary about the making of this book