The whole time I'm reading this story from the NY Post I'm asking myself WWJGD? (What would a Jersey girl do?) First of all, would a Jersey girl who was suspicious of her husband have waited for him to fall asleep, picked up his hand to use his own sleeping finger to unlock his phone with his fingerprint? Yes, for sure a Jersey girl would be that resourceful. But would a Jersey girl do what happened next?

A woman and her husband along with their young child were on a Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Bali over the weekend. She had obviously been suspicious for some time to use his hand to get his phone open. Sure enough, she quickly found evidence of his infidelity. He didn't stay asleep long when the woman, who had been drinking, began fighting with him. The crew tried to get her to settle down but to no avail. Things only got worse. The ugly situation got so out of hand that the pilot had to divert to Chennai, India.

"Ladies and gentlemen from the flight deck this is your captain. We have a minor situation with a major a-hole who couldn't seem to keep his trouser snake in its cage. As such we're going to have to do a brief and unexpected stop to get this Charlie Sheen wannabe and his wife who's going all Snooki on him off the plane..."

The cheating husband, scorned wife, and innocent child were kicked off the plane there and the flight continued without them. The couple and child eventually were allowed on a plane to get them back to Doha. Separate seats I assume.

Would a Jersey girl have gone ballistic right there on the plane? I say no. I say a Jersey girl would have swallowed the venom and stored it up in a creative manner only to exact an epic revenge at a later point in time.

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