The Star Ledger once declared that the Elizabeth Board of Education was the cause of those foul smells for which New Jersey is world famous. The president of the Board was arrested and charged with scaming the free lunch program.

It has been asserted that their main activity is clawing for political power in the city. Of harrasing and threatening employees to extort contributions to support the political ambitions of members past and present. Of retribution against anyone who spoke out. Lately, they went into court to stop a court-ordered payment by two members to re-imburse the board for money they improperly diverted to their own purposes. They turn down the restitution presumably to get their homies off the hook for $63 thousand. Apparently it never occurred to them that it is taxpayer money, not their personal stash.Now, in a masterpiece of absurdity, they hire a former State Supreme Court Justice to coax district employees to come forward with knowledge of this and other wrongdoing. Fine. At the same time, they hired a former FBI agent to find out who's talking!

 The Board has become the poster person for incompetencve, self serving, and mismanagement. And roundly condemned for it. But we have at least one thing to thank them for: they have been endlessly entertaining. They are proof beyond all doubt that "You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up!"