Are we ready to do something about elderly drivers? 


Another elderly driver, this time an 83-year old man from Howell Township, reportedly ran down and killed a bicyclist more than two weeks ago. He's finally turned himself in and been charged with second-degree knowingly leaving the scene of a fatal accident. He also received a number of motor vehicle citations after leaving pieces of his headlight assembly sprinkled on the roadway next to the dying man.

A co-worker was just telling me how he witnessed an old man probably well in his 80's sail right through two red lights over the weekend. Lights that had been red for awhile so it was only by good fortune that someone didn't get killed by the guy. Just last week on Route 1 south I was behind a woman who had to be 85 if she were a day driving in the center and right lanes, straddling the dotted line not sure of where she was and doing 38 mile per hour as all other traffic did 55 to 60.

Just days ago in Little Silver an 86 year old woman drove onto train tracks and miraculously survived when her vehicle was struck by a train.

Last year in Whiting an 89 year old driver tore through her own garage straight through a wall into her own laundry room.

Anyone remember the employee at Trader Joe's sent through the front window of the store with severe injuries because an elderly driver crashed into her?

Then there was the elderly driver who this year crashed through the front of the pharmacy in Rutherford striking an 18 year old.

Also in January was the elderly man who plowed right into the Pathmark in Irvington.

These are only a few examples off the top of my head. This is happening at an alarming rate.

So again I ask you, are we ready to do something about this? Take the poll below