Whenever I read a small news item that has something to do with a vehicle crashing into a large inanimate object, like a bank lobby or a house, I'm never surprised to read next that it was someone in their 70's, 80's or 90's at the wheel.  The twist here is the 78 year old driver apparently caused another driver to do the same.  Mine Hill, Sunday afternoon, broad daylight, perfect weather, a near octogenarian drives right into the path of an oncoming truck resulting in the two colliding then the truck careening into the house.  Tickets are 'pending'.  You know what's NOT pending?  A solution to New Jersey's aging driving population.  The electrified third rail no politician will touch is the senior voting block that is given practically a blank check to do what they want on our state's overcrowded roads.  Many other states have done at least something.  A vision test after a certain age, a requirement to renew licenses in person after a certain age, something, to deal with elderly drivers.  New Jersey has done nothing.  What a shame.  The only group to have less wits about them than our elderly drivers running into brick walls is the politicians who do nothing.