Apparently one NJ man is laughing at late night host Jimmy Kimmel.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Apparently at least one NJ resident was not pleased with a skit that aired on Jimmy Kimmel's show. An Edison man is suing Kimmel and ABC over a skit where a 6-year old suggested that the U.S. kill everyone in China as a solution to the U.S. debt problem.

You can view the skit below.

Kimmel and ABC has apologized multiple times since the segment aired. A petition was started to take Kimmel off the air.

Cao Guoliang, the man who started the lawsuit, was born in China and says due to the segment he "suffers substantial and enduring emotional distress including, but not limited ot, nervousness, anxiety, and loss of sense of self-worth."

Guoliang is suing for unspecified damages including mental and emotional distress medical and related expenses, punitive damages punitive damages and legal fess.

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