Karen Delmonaco (CBS New York/YouTube)

Christmas will be a little better for an Edison family after a stolen package full of memories was recovered.

Karen Delmonico had sent her late son Robert's T-shirts to a company that uses them to create memory quilt. However, when the packages of three completed quilts arrived at her home, they were stolen right off the front porch. ABC 7 reports that Lyndhurst Police recovered the quilts during a traffic stop and returned them to Delmonico.

“I don’t even know if I have the words to describe how happy I am that we got these back,”  Delmonaco told CBS New York, who said she worked secretly in the basement to cut up the T-shirts into squares so her daughters' and Robert's father would be surprised.

The thieves were captured on surveillance video at the Delmonaco home and Edison police distributed pictures of the quilt to police departments around the area.

“Each piece is a special part of my son’s life and has memories attached for all of us,” she told the television station.

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