A server at a  Middlesex County Applebee's picking up a check after her customer left got a nasty message instead of the expected tip.

Message written on the check at the Applebee's restaurant in Edison (Reddit.com)

The unidentified man ordered $30  of food, paid with a Visa card and instead of leaving a cash tip, wrote on the receipt -- stop eating and then the b-word.

A photo of the slip was printed on reddit.com.

The manager of the Applebee's, in Edison, said corporate is getting involved with the investigation.  They know they'll be able to trace him since he paid with a credit card.

“Everything is being forwarded to the corporate office,” the Edison manager, who identified himself only as Rohan, told the Star Ledger.  “These things don’t come up that often, but when they do, corporate looks into it.”