There's a tide of economic uncertainty coming in by year's end, and it may affect your taxes, job growth and a lot of other economic issues by 2013.

Looming large among the uncertainties is the expiration of the Bush era tax cuts early next year for both the wealthy and the middle class. Rider Economist Maury Randall says you can add to that mix the unknown outcome of the November elections and the impact of the Obama health care plan.

Randall says, "You have just so many crosscurrents. Right now we have much more uncertainty than we normally do."

For one thing, he says the uncertainty may make many companies reluctant to invest in the job market. They may not want to hire.

You can add to that mix uncertainty over what will happen this summer with the rates for student loans. They are due to double unless Congress acts to keep a lid of the rates. Randall believes there will be some kind of remedy for that.

He says the European debt crisis also remains uncertain. Randall says this uncertainty can affect stock markets, the creation of jobs and many other economic issues between now and year's end.